About Us

Makki Masjid has been established since 1977. It provides Islamic education for the whole community and has promoted and advanced the Islamic faith in accordance with Sunni ethos committed to preserving the traditional values of Islam, in harmony with Holy Qur’an and the authentic Hadith and Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him).


The road to this development of Bolton’s local Masjid (Makki Masjid) has been a lengthy one. After years of searching for a suitable place to worship in the local area, a temporary disused small one level building was bought and customised in 1977


Makki Masjid has 2 Imaams who are qualified and experienced in what they do. Both of our imaams are trained Qari's in reciting our Holy Qura'n

Masjid Committee

The day to day management of the Masjid’s affairs is the responsibility of an appointed voluntary Executive Committee. These individuals work together on the smooth running of the Masjid.