(1977 – CURRENT)

The road to this development of Bolton’s local Masjid (Makki Masjid) has been a lengthy one. After years of searching for a suitable place to worship in the local area, a temporary disused small one level building was bought and customised in 1977 to serve the religious and educational needs of the 20 – 30 families residing in the locality in the late seventies. This small building became insufficient for the growing local Muslim community and in 1987 a larger building was bought at a cost of £100,000 for the 80 families residing in the locality in the late eighties. The local Muslim population on average is estimated to increase at 9% – 12% with an ever – increasing 5 – 16 year old age group. In 2009 the local community is an estimated 200 families with a sizable 5 – 16 age group. Over the years however, as Muslims we have strived to play a pivotal role in community life as a means of expressing our Islamic obligation of good citizenship and impeccable character.

Through demonstrating our commitment to the local community we have been able to demonstrate our civic commitment and overcome many community challenges so that we, the wider community and our children can benefit from the new Makki Masjid in the ever – growing local area.