Naturally the Masjid offers public worship facilities for the obligatory prayers which are performed five times a day, and the Jummuah, Eid and Taraweeh prayers.  Prayer Times for today are visible on the homepage and monthly timetables are also available for download.

Friday Prayers

Jummah prayers are currently being offered at 13:00 (1 PM) . A short talk is delivered prior to the Khutba in Urdu and English to cater for the whole congregation. The Mosque carpark has a limited number of spaces so please arrive early to ensure a parking space. We do advise all local attendee’s to walk to the Mosque if possible as this is more rewarding and helps decrease congestion. When the carpark is full we request everyone to park with due consideration and not to park illegally or obstructively to ensure the saftey of the local community.